Especially and exclusively for you, we have designed the ROBOTOKEN NFT STAMPS collection.
Stamps are not only a beautiful NFT gift, but will also have additional bonuses:
- WL spot in Robotoken 3D Avatars collection,
- A secret utility that will be unlocked upon reaching Mars! Each stamp is exclusive.
The stamp depicts the flag of the country (for example, on the one above - Argentina), as well as an engraving made in the original style of one of the 54 races of robots.

• Quantity limited to 9675 pieces!
• 225 flags per country, 43 countries in total!
• FREE MINT will be available through a private DIscord channel, only for ROOO token holders!
•Stamps will be unlocked at a special level when our rocket gets half way to the moon. Keep an eye on Twitter for updates on the launch.
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