ROBOTOKEN and Emirates science-tech company EVERBLUE SCIENCE are going
to form a joint company MARSONATION to implement the project of construction
of the pilot project of the Martian Base.
MARSONATION - the culmination of our virtual flight and the transformation
of the project into real scientific developments! Project participants will be offered
a limited sale of security tokens of a joint company to develop a complex technology synergy project for the development of a pilot project of the Martian base.
What is the main problem with future Mars travel?
Increased radiation? Air? Water? Food? Or maybe the psychological component
of confined space and lack of resources? Yes, all these problems and others will accompany travel and colonization. But they can all be called the problem
of the century.

We cannot take with us everything we want and/or quickly deliver the necessary resources. It means we have to collect, produce resources locally.
MARSONATION just solves this problem. First of all, on vital resources. Our scientific partners and I are going to create a system for generating oxygen and carbon dioxide food!
MARSONATION - is a synergy of closed loop systems technologies, including
the following key points:
- Cleaning the air of dust, natural materials and other minute pollutants (potential Martian viruses and bacteria),
- Disinfection chambers for entrance locks, spacesuits, and equipment,
- Water treatment and recycling,
- Carbon dioxide transmutation system to biomass and oxygen,
- Space food produce system.

In the first phase, we are going to build a Martian Desert Base Pilot Project in Dubai, the UAE and equip it with these technologies. Then there will be a long stage on setting up the equipment and testing it in real time.
The second stage, after proving the effectiveness, is finding a partner ready to use MARSONATION for the development of the base on the Moon, and then on Mars.
Funding of the project.
You are already helping to implement this project!
By purchasing ROOO tokens and/or any of ROBOTOKEN: STAMPS, AVATARS and BANKNOTES you are already helping to implement the MARSONATION project. After all, most of the proceeds will be used to promote the Robotoken project globally!

If you are interested in entering your name into the channels of the history
of the development of Mars, then you will have a unique opportunity to become
a direct participant of this grandiose project and to get security tokens of the future company. Open to all owners of ROBOTOKEN Products:
Owners of the STAMPS will get WL SPOT Robotoken Avatar 3D collection,
Owners of the AVATARS will get WL SPOT Robotoken Banknotes collection,
Owners of the BANKNOTES – MARSONATION secret utility.

Your passive or active participation, but for our part, we will try to make it interesting
for you to immerse yourself in our universe from the very beginning of our virtual journey, and most importantly, profitable.
It's just that each of your participation in any of these stages will help you take a step towards the real colonization of Mars.

Together - we are force! Together – we are MARSONATION!

Often, digital projects imitate or copy real life, but we went from the opposite,
our virtual project is a unique transition from the world of WEB3 to the formation
of a real project aimed at developing technologies for the colonization of Mars!
And let the Great Elon develop and build spaceships, but we will begin to prepare the Martian base technologies for the colonialists!
Are you with us? Then pack your suitcase, welcome to the rocket ... and we are waiting for the launch!
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